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Welcome to Rogue Valley Barter (RVBSO). RVBSO is an online barter brand and web framework that is being developed as a modest, sustainable, for-profit business that promotes the exchange of local goods and services. This online barter resource is intended to be available only to Southern Oregon businesses, organizations and individuals, and is owned and operated in Ashland Oregon.

The RVBSO web framework provides a robust listing and updating system that allows descriptions and listings to be categorized into searchable item groups. Item listings can be combined and displayed on easy-to-navigate single web pages, or browsed by category. At this time, the RVBSO demonstration web site is a work in progress and has no actual product or service listings. Note: This web site is currently hosted on a low cost development server so web pages may be slow to load. The actual live web site will run much faster. This RVBSO web site is fully functional and was built with reliable open source software (Drupal). For more information about Drupal click here.

For information regarding sponsorship of this domain portfolio and web framework please call and request an account to view the RVBSO project scope, technical proposal, user interface, user & content management features, and terms of service.

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